Peering Policy

Founded in 2017, D-Lake is a French ISP and Operator that operates a network in France and Europe with 13 datacenters on-net

D-Lake has a selective peering policy. The Peers are selected based on, the AS path between Peer ASN and D-Lake ASN, capability and mutual benefit for both networks, in particular, D-Lake prioritizes content providers from the following sectors :

  •   media.
  •   video games company.
  •   movie / animation company.

For peering requests, please contact peering@as49028.net or peering@d-lake.fr

D-Lake manages the primary ASN49028.

General technical requirements for peering with D-Lake

  •   The peer must be registered in a public Internet Routing Registry (IRR) database.
  •   Record completed in PeeringDB.
  •   A peer of AS49028 must have publicly routable ASN.
  •   The BGP session must be established in IPv4 and IPv6.
  •   A peer should have a 24x7 NOC with BGP expertise.

Traffic Requirements for public peering

  •   there is no traffic requirements for peering with D-Lake, but the benefit must be clear (the first criteria beeing the reduction of AS path lenght).

Traffic Requirements for private peering

  •   supported connexion : 10Gbit/s and 100Gbit/s.
  •   Interconnection must be 10 Gigabits Ethernet (10GbE LR) or 100 Gigabits Ethernet (100GbE LR).
  •   for 10 Gbit/s connectivity, D-Lake invites you to contact us to build together the terms of our agreement.
  •   The PNI is free of charge up to 100Gbit/s of capacity. Above this value please, contact us for more details.
  •   For Symmetric or unbalance traffic (between ingress and egress) up to a ratio of 2 to 1 the peering is free regardless of the amount of traffic.

Traffic Requirements for Locally hosted Cache

  •   > 10Gbit/s, D-Lake give you the possibilities to deploy caching servers on its network.
  •   Deployment of theses caching servers would respect D-Lake constraint.

Routing Policy

  •   Peering sessions with AS49028 will advertise all D-Lake routes, including D-lake's customers.
  •   D-Lake does not readvertise peers routes to other peers or upstreams, only to his customers.
  •   The candidate shall not send unsolicited traffic to ASN D-Lake (bogon, full route).